Meridian Health Therapy

DURATION ♦ 90-120 min

Designed to stimulate the natural detoxifying process, this comprehensive health therapy involves a series of TCM techniques such as meridian detox, cupping, remedial body massage and targeted acupressure to release toxins and aid healing, together with negative-ion infusion techniques to restore the flow through 12 meridians of the body while tone and support the energy system to encourage complete revitalization of body, mind and health to the optimum state.

  • Inflammation in the nose, sinus, adverse skin conditions
  • Abdominal pains, fatigue, unstable emotions
  • Diarrhea, constipation, lack of appetite, weak muscles
  • Indigestion, constant feelings of worry and nervousness
  • Chest pains, shortness of breath, dizziness, cold sweats, insomnia
  • Weakness in legs, always feeling cold, acne, nerve pain
  • Stiff neck/shoulders, headaches, urinary diseases
  • Genital-urinary disorders, backaches, asthma and tinnitus
  • Heart-related disease and discomfort
  • Slow metabolism, disorders of any organ in the body
  • Menstrual disorders like PMS, dry skin and eyes, depression
  • Bloating, yellow discoloration on tongue, skin and in urine

Medication-Related Obesity Therapy

For adults who are suffering from:

  • Fatty liver, hypertension, diabetes, endocrine disorders, heart disease
  • Insomnia, gynecological inflammation, pregnancy difficulty
  • Fatigue and muscle soreness
  • High blood pressure, high blood sugar level, high cholesterol


  • Diagnose sub-health issues, relieve fatigue and muscle aches
  • Regulate the function of internal organs and endocrine disorder
  • Clear the clogged meridians, balance the flow of qi and blood
  • Accelerate blood circulation and lymph circulation
  • Promote bowel movements and improve digestive function
  • Rebuild immunity, eliminate fatty liver and hypertension
  • Delay menopause and cures insomnia
  • Regulate the reproductive system and other gynecological inflammation
  • Break down fat effectively, detox, diminish cellulite
  • Regulate high blood pressure, blood sugar level and cholesterol

Anti-Pigmentation Series

Freckles and Age Spots
DURATION ♦ 120 min

  • This treatment promises the lightening of freckles and age spots within 7 days. Combining our signature skincare technology and our active Transexamic Acid ingredients, it accelerates skin cell renewal, drastically improve complexion and uneven skin tone, leaving skin with a smoother touch and radiant glow.
  • *For all collection of prepayment, a temporary cover note will be issued immediately upon payment.

Dermal Melasma 
DURATION  ♦ 140 min

  • A signature treatment that effectively lighten mixed dermal/epidermal pigmentation such as Chloasma with active Arbutin ingredients and helps to improve overall skin condition with miraculous brightening effects. Results guaranteed.

Slim-V Face Sculpting Treatment

A non-invasive youth recovery series that helps to boost skin’s vital functions through delivering an exceptional skin toning and firming benefits that helps diminish the visible appearance of lines. Amazingly reduces the appearance of double chins and enhancing luminosity of the skin that helps to achieve a well-defined V Face one desired.